You’ve got a killer movie idea—whether it’s a concept, a script, or a novel—and you’re burning to get it made. As feature film directors, we uniquely understand the challenges in getting your work noticed and funded. These days, a logline and an elevator pitch simply isn’t enough. Execs, producers and investors expect imagery to back your vision, and if you can’t put together a sizzle that helps them see your movie, you’re at a tremendous disadvantage. The good news is, media is everywhere, and all the tools you need to make an amazing visual presentation are out there. Using existing movie content, we specialize in creating sizzle reels that you can use to get your movie pitch to the finish line. It worked for us—four times in a row. 

In the case of IMPERIUM, we had a script, but needed the sizzle. We created the video above, using scenes from existing movies, to help us sell it. The end result? IMPERIUM was financed by Lionsgate, and became a feature film starring Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette. 

If you want something more customized, we also shoot proof-of-concepts—actual scenes from your script or book, using top-caliber actors and shot by award-winning cinematographers. What better way to sell your movie than to show an investor an actual scene from it?

We also specialize in pitch books, director’s lookbooks, financial plans, and other supporting materials. 

No matter what it is you’re looking for, we’re committed to working within your budget to create tools you can use to help make your movie.